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This undated product image provide by Facebook shows screenshots of Facebook Dating, a mobile-only matchmaking service. On Thursday, Sept. 5, 2019, the service will launch in the U.S. Like on Hinge, you can see who likes you before matching with them — and your liker can send you a message , at which point you can decide if you’d like to match with or pass on that person. Of note, though, is the fact that you won’t encounter your Facebook friends on Facebook Dating. (You know, so you don’t have to see your uncle or your ex’s mom on there.) You can also opt out of encountering even your friends of friends on Facebook Dating, if you’d rather date outside your circle entirely. Unlike Match, Facebook generates most of its revenue from online ads. It stated that its Dating tab would remain ad-free, but the data accumulated from those interactions would still allow it to craft better targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Facebook has long been the place where everyone from college students to divorcées scope out their romantic interests.
  • Tinder, Bumble and Hinge all allow you to easily drag your photos to reorder them at will.
  • Unsurprisingly, privacy is a major concern for a lot of dating hopefuls.

The app, which borrows many design elements from the dating app Hinge, allows you to send a “like” and a corresponding message to any profile you encounter on the service. Unlike many dating apps, where you could match with your partner’s friends, Facebook Dating makes that more difficult. When she first started online dating, it was almost like a game; you’d be flattered by the number of matches you get.

How Is Facebook Dating Different To Hinge And Tinder?

On Hinge it’s mandatory to answer a certain number of questions, but later adopters like Bumble and now Facebook Dating have kept it optional. All you have to do is mark up to nine Facebook Friends you’re romantically interested in and wait until they match with you. As Facebook Dating is already Facebook, one will be pleased to know they don’t have to create a separate account. The platform matches people based on their preferences, interests, and Facebook activity. Users can “like” or “pass” on people Facebook Dating suggests, and message them at any time, even if they don’t both match with each other. From a dedicated personal matchmaker to a crew of professional writers, everything will be handled for you.

You either “like” the profiles the algorithm picks for you, or you take a pass on them. In general, the profile setup is pretty straightforward and doesn’t differ significantly from any other major dating apps, incorporating many of the same features from each.

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My final tally, after a week of diligently devoting time to the app, stood at a grand total of five matches. That includes the single conversation I had, which trailed off and went nowhere. I don’t plan on returning to the service, especially when other apps work much better for me. Facebook also says the goal is that people will try to form relationships with people they know but are too scared to approach. The option to like specific content on a person’s profile, such as a photo or the answer to one of the ice-breaker questions, is available.

facebook dating app

And, like the guy I wasted five weeks on, it’s racism no matter how you slice it or try to defend it. Having had my share of stalkers over the years, it’s always creepy when some random friend of a friend hits you up at 1am drunk AF. So I’ve spent ages actually slicing and dicing my friends list into absentia. With under 50 friends left on my list, I was finally able to nip that in the bud. There are plenty of other great dating apps that do a fine job depending on your demographics . If you need help to figure out which app are best for you, contact me today.

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